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About Curious Efficiency

About the site

Curious Efficiency is the intermittently updated personal website of Nicholas Coghlan, CPython core developer, PSF Director, Red Hat toolsmith, cognitive science dabbler, and cynical idealist.

The main portion of the site is generated via Nikola, hosted on GitHub Pages, and under source control on BitBucket.

Python specific technical writing tends to end up on the ReadTheDocs powered Python Notes subsite.

About the name

Curious Efficiency is actually a reframing of my original blog title, Boredom & Laziness - the original URLs now redirect here. The original site blurb on Boredom & Laziness read as follows:

There are a couple of very, very scary things in this world.

The first is a bored human. Bored humans have time to indulge their curiosity, with potentially amazing results.

The second is a lazy human. Lazy humans can be quite inventive when it comes to figuring out how to do less work.

So, here's to boredom & laziness - two of the prime movers in human progress!

"Curious Efficiency" is really just a nicer way of referring to the same concept.

This post goes into some additional detail on the concepts that inspired the naming, both the original form, and the current more conventionally acceptable phrasing.

About the author


Nick is a CPython core developer and a member of the Board of Directors for the Python Software Foundation. He is the author or co-author of several accepted Python Enhancement Proposals (including PEP 343, which added the with statement and context managers in Python 2.5, and PEP 453 which saw the pip installer bundled with Python 3.4), and has also accepted a number of PEPs on Guido van Rossum's behalf as BDFL-Delegate.

Nick is currently the BDFL-Delegate for most packaging related PEPs, serving as the primary liaison between the CPython core development team and the Python Packaging Authority. His own efforts in the packaging space are focused primarily on the metadata 2.0 interoperability standards (PEP 426, 440, 459) and on communicating the ongoing work of the Python Packaging Authority to the broader Python community.

At the PyCon US 2013 language summit, Nick successfully argued for updates to the Python Enhancement Proposal process (described in PEP 1) that allowed BDFL-Delegates to approve PEPs that don't affect the language definition or the standard library directly on the relevant mailing lists (without needing to rehash the discussions on python-dev).

Since June 2011, after more than 12 years in the aerospace and defence sector with Boeing Australia, Nick has been working on development and test infrastructure for Red Hat. He is currently the Provisioning Architect for several of the automated test systems, a role which covers both ensuring that the test systems can test the products Red Hat supports, as well as adopting those same products to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the test infrastructure. Current projects of particular interest include:

  • Beaker: Red Hat's custom full stack software integration and testing system that allows fine-grained selection of hardware, and testing with unreleased versions of Fedora, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS
  • Project Atomic: an integration project bringing Docker containers together with several existing components of the Red Hat ecosystem
  • OpenStack: the general purpose scale out cloud infrastructure originally published by RackSpace, and now the centre of a fast growing ecosystem of public and private cloud providers
  • OpenShift: Red Hat's fully open source Platform-as-a-Service offering
  • Software Collections: an approach to deploying platform components (such as language runtimes, databases engines and web servers) on Linux, such that end user applications can use newer versions without interfering with the versions integrated directly into the underlying operating system distribution

Selected articles and presentations

Python related presentations and articles:

Beaker related presentations:

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