Status quo wins a stalemate

Another old post for reference. This one's a fair bit shorter than the last one and just articulates why "do nothing" needs to be the default option when considering language changes where there are no particularly strong arguments either for or against the proposed change.

Justifying Python language changes

Link to a mailing list post for my own benefit. Finding this again when I want to refer to it is usually a pain, so hopefully I'll remember it is linked here in the future. Either that or I'll tidy it up and turn it into a blog post in its own right.

Kubuntu dev packages to build Python

List of all the additional packages needed for a full build of the optional Python modules in the 2.x standard library on Kubuntu 9.10:

libssl-dev (OpenSSL integration)
libreadline-dev (readline module integration)
libgdbm-dev (a DBM backend)
tk-dev (also brings in TCL via dependencies)
tk-tile (extra bit of tk needed for some of the TTK GUI functionality)
libsqlite3-dev (SQLite3 integration)
libdb4.7-dev (BSDDB integration)

(at least one of those brings in the necessary zlib build dependencies as well - probably SSL dev)

Mostly for my own reference, but if it proves useful to somebody else via a search engine, cool :)