Mt St Helens

When I was in the US, one of the most impressive things I saw was the area around Mt St Helens. It was one of those things that made me glad my digital camera makes it so easy to take panoramic shots (click the panoramics to see slightly larger versions. If you want actual prints of any photos I post, let me know, since the originals have much better resolution than the versions I post).

The river valley downstream from the mountain:

The view from the interpretative centre:

Heading around the back of the ridge:

Looking back towards the next ridge:

And here we have Leung making an appearance (Leung is the mascot I took with me on my trip. He's a little big to make a great photo mascot, so there are long stretches of photos where he doesn't appear). Anyway, the real point of this photo is the effect of the lateral blast from the eruption. Most of the grey stuff on the ridgeline is actually dead trees that were knocked over by the blast. You can see a bunch of trunks still standing where they were sheltered by the ridgeline.


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