Switching to Android

So my new HTC Desire S arrived today which means it is time for an app downloading spree... (starting with just freebies for now while I figure out what I do and don't like, and delete some of the cruft that HTC/Telstra added)

Already grabbed:
Google Goggles
Google Sky
Google Reader
OI File Manager
Shelves for Android (now actually *scanning* my book collection will be quite a project...)
Barcode Scanner

And a ton of standard apps from Google/HTC/Telstra for all the basics (Phone, SMS, Music, Mail/Gmail, FB, Twitter, Camera, Calendar, Clock, Weather, Calculator, Adobe PDF Reader, Maps/Navigation, LED Flashlight, etc).

Things I know I want but don't have yet:

Ebook reader (I used Stanza from Lexcycle on the iPhone, but they don't make an Android version)
Weight tracker (don't need anything fancy, just something that I can import old data into and will give me a time-weighted average)

I'm also open to suggestions for things I might want but just don't know it yet, and of course I'll have to track down a few idle time games.


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